• Kids these days…

  • All those announcements and sessions has my head swimming. By far my favourite was removing the AppDelegate so we now have full SwiftUI apps. Small thing I know. 🤯

  • Love this Dyson fan. If you have allergies and want to stay cool then this is great.

  • Been doing Java for the day job, not fun…

  • Playing with PencilKit. Fun.

  • Been thinking a lot about arm Macs (gadget lust). Maybe a re-tooled Apple TV as an ARM dev kit? It’s got most of the bits it needs right now - DHMI out for the monitor, add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Only issue is I believe the current TV only has 3Gb RAM, sure they could bump it to 8 maybe.

  • Pumped for WWDC!

  • My thoughts on the current London protests…

  • I’m massively uninspired by the new game consoles, I think the Sony’s chief saying the PS5 is a ‘paradigm shift’ is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s all more of the same. I’d love a proper shake up of console games. 🎮

  • Is it Friday yet?

  • He was only 9 when we started lockdown! At least he can now ‘go get a job’ 📷

  • Oooo, ARM Macs. Yes please! Bloomberg

  • Ever had one of those days?

  • Binge watched Space Force over the past couple of days. Bit slow to start, but got so much better. Looking forward to a season 2. 📺

  • Good news about Rugby 🏉 in New Zealand.

  • Apple - can you please add a context menu on the search screen so you can ‘Go To’ an app in a folder! I’m so rubbish at organising that I don’t know which folders they are in! …yes it’s my fault

  • Think I might also start moving my Gmail over to iCloud

  • Email un-mixing

    So, I have both a jobby-job and a business that I run in my spare time. My habit up until now is to copy my work emails into a folder in my person Gmail account. Been doing this for years.

    Finally decided today that I would ensure that work and personal/business needs to be fully separated. So I’ve spent most of my days re-uploading work emails to Office 365.

    Hopefully, by the end of the day I will have my work tools - all the Microsoft stuff, an my business tools - all the Apple stuff.

    Feels good to compartmentalise.

  • As part of a digital spring clean I’ve decided to start blogging some stuff - tried in the past, but didn’t go anywhere as I’m not a writer. Seems a perfect platform to get started!

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